Swing door operators are advantageous for automating new or existing swing doors to buildings to give access to able bodied and less-abled people while keeping the original fabric of the building in place. This is ideal for listed or preservation-order effected areas. This operator also lends itself to the automation of fire doors which can be heavy and difficult to open for some users.

The swing operator is often used successfully on the high street in many locations such as Building societies and Banks. Other users of this operator type are hospitals, colleges, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health centres to name just a few.

The door leaf can be opened manually or by a touch pad local to the door. Better still we can install a movement detector fitted in place of the touch pad ,this will then give hands free entry or exit through the door. With the addition of door mounted safety sensors and barriers ,the public are protected from coming into contact with the moving door leaf.

swing gear cornwall

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